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Geoff and Adrianne Fleming founded Tristar Aviation with one aircraft quite a long time ago. Their goal was to deliver aviation services that exceeded clients' expectations.

Today, with more aircraft and a team of talented aviators working with Tristar Aviation, there are thousands of clients who will say Adrianne and Geoff's goal is still being met.

Tristar Aviation provide pilot training to students with all sorts of dreams - people who come from around Australia, China, India and all over South East Asia. Some want to work with an international airline, some want to build a career flying charters, some aspire to join the armed forces, some want to fly their own aircraft. So whether you're an international student or an aspiring Australian pilot, when you choose Tristar Aviation, your pilot training will be tailored to your needs.

The Tristar Aviation team also provide charter flights. We fly teams of doctors to rural hospitals, engineers to outlying islands, aerial photographers to photograph real estate, for billboard promotions, government brochures - and much more. And of course if you'd like to book a joy flight, we're there for you.

Our Founders...

Geoff and Adrianne Fleming's partnership and passion for aviation is what makes Tristar Aviation such a success. Together, they have extensive technical, flight training and general aviation experience - some of it gained while working at both Qantas and Ansett. They have also worked in Air Traffic Control, and both general and micro light aviation, as well as on a number of government aviation-related committees.

Adrianne has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her tireless services to Australian aviation. She was also awarded the Australian Women Pilots Association's prestigious Nancy Bird Award for Most Noteworthy Contribution to Aviation by a Woman in Australasia. Not only that - many young pilots first learnt about flying as a result of Adrianne's voluntary role as Executive Commissioner, Victorian Group of the Australian Air League.

So if you want to work with professionals who are committed to ensuring you can achieve your dream of flying, or you need a charter flight or joy flight, contact us.


Your decision to become a professional pilot may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Most pilots would agree that once having taken the step to learn to fly, it is a decision they never regret. Tristar Aviation provides flight training to a level of excellence, which will give you every opportunity to fulfil your ambitions in your aviation career.

Professional Pilot Training


As a specialist in professional pilot training, Tristar Aviation has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence. Tristar Aviation’s reputation is enhanced by its Moorabbin Airport location, which provides an unparalleled training environment for career pilots. Students are exposed to virtually every facet of professional aviation with year round conditions to ensure course completion.

Professional Pilot Training

Features of Tristar Aviation are:

  • Tristar Aviation is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Federal Department of Employment, Science and Training, to train overseas students.
  • Tristar Aviation has been training pilots for over ten years and several of our graduates have gone on to work for some of the major airlines.
  • Tristar Aviation has access to a well-equipped and well-maintained fleet of over 15 aircraft, ranging from the popular Cessna 152 for initial training up to the Cessna 310 for the more advanced training.
  • Our staff include a number of experienced flight instructors with varied backgrounds from major airlines to outback charter pilots, including a specialist ground theory instructor and Administration staff.
  • Tristar has a very warm and professional atmosphere, which helps the student achieve their full potential as a Commercial Pilot.

  • Tristar Aviation has trained students from Hong Kong, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Germany, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Sweden. Some of these countries are currently represented in our students and staff.


    It is important for a professional pilot to have knowledge of more than just flying an aircraft. The qualified instructional staff at Tristar will help the student gain a thorough knowledge of all the academic subjects required for the issue of the licence.
    The class sizes are small enabling greater student instructor interaction, which is important for the student to achieve their maximum academic success.
    The classrooms are bright, and comfortable and fitted for the training environment. All students are issued with comprehensive textbooks for each subject taught.


    Tristar Aviation's commercial flight training programs produce qualified graduates who are ready to begin careers as professional pilots. Comprehensive training programs give students the confidence, skill, and good judgement to operate safely and efficiently in all flying conditions.
    Students attend the school five days a week. They will be flying most days so they will advance quickly to a professional level of competency. The instructors at Tristar take pride in teaching their students and monitoring their progress. Special care is taken to ensure that each student progresses at a pace tailored to his or her individual abilities.
    Academic training standards are high a pass mark is a minimum of 70% in all theory subject areas. Periodic proficiency checks are performed to monitor student progress and ensure a consistent level of quality throughout each phase of training.
    Tristar Aviation has an Approved Test Officer on staff. This ensures the testing of students for licences and ratings is conducted when the student reaches the desired level of competency.
    All aircraft are conveniently located on parking facilities located in front of the school buildings.
    Electronic intercom systems are fitted to all aircraft, and headsets are included as part of the equipment list.


    A professionally trained commercial pilot should feel comfortable in all flying conditions. Whether operating from major international airports, or a country grass strip.
    Tristar Aviation utilise Moorabbin Airport as well as several other types of airports environments. Tristar Aviation will give the professional pilot the valuable experience and skills, which make the foundation for a successful career in aviation.

    Moorabbin Airport is Melbourne's main General Aviation Airport. It offers the following benefits:
    Moorabbin Airport

  • Four long, well maintained bitumen runways with lighting for night training
  • Minimum traffic delays
  • Close proximity to a variety of classes of airspace
  • A large training area adjacent to the airport.
  • Fully manned Control Tower (daytime hours).
  • Close proximity to a full variety of navigation and approach aids.
  • Close to public transport

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