Perpetual Awards

Each year Tristar Aviation awards our perpetual trophies for a number of areas. They are awarded to both Private Pilot and Commercial students.

Sergio Canete Memorial Trophy

The Sergio Canete Story

Sergio was a Flight Instructor who flew with Tristar Aviation during the years 2003 to 2006.
During this time he battled with cancer and unfortunately succumb to it in December 2006 at the age of 32.
Sergio originally from Argentina having migrated to Australia in his 20's, Already a commercial pilot in Argentina, he completed his Instructor Rating with us and then commenced employment with Tristar as a flight instructor.
Even at the end of his time he was here to help students with theory and encouragement.
Sergio always said that the one thing in his life he could never regret
was his flying, he just loved it. Sergio was a great friend and inspiration to all who knew him.

So this award is presented each year to a student who is, well;
"Just jazzed to be here and flying".

Sergio Canete 1974 - 2006

2006 Kevin Van Scheik
2007 Pradeep Padmashali
2008 Peter DeMunk
2009 Brad Wong
2010 Robert Croft
2011 G. Pelicier
2012 Chris Gardiner
2013 William Capell
2014 Sally Manton
2015 Rod Burridge
2016 Abshir Isse
2017 Chris Greedy

CFI Encouragement Award

Recognising the effort that some put into their aviation training is important.
The CFI award acknowledges the pursuit of excellence, the challenges, and the developing skills of aviation students.
No one is born to fly, we each have had to work hard in order to achieve our goal to overcome gravity and take to the skies.
This award recognises what is overcome to acheive that aim.

2007 Shivangi Patel
2008 Sushanth Naguraju
2009 Vaishali Rajdev
2010 Sidath Munasinghe
2011 Authur Stathopolous
2012 Jehan Gerreyn
2013 Sally Manton
2014 Kristina Samani
2015 Shalveen Kumar
2016 Mrityunjay Kumar
2017 Abshir Isse

Air BP Achievement Award

This award is given for achieving outstanding academic and flying performance.

2007 Arun Ramachandra
2008 A. Susanth
2009 Gordon Tervitt
2010 M. Rahmathullah
2011 Tamrath Chan
2012 Simon klaaysen
2013 Charles Duffy & Fraser Duffy
2014 Daniel Simpson
2015 Amy Crevola
2016 Kyle Du Plessis
2017 Thomas Anderson

Safety Award

The Safety Award recognises those who have made an appropriate and outstanding response to a safety situation or issue. Recognised by Tristar Aviation as the most significant award that we can give,the Safety Award embodies and encourages the ideals of acting, working and pursuing high safety standards in aviation.

2007 Andy Van der Sand
2008 Chris Pellazoni
2009 O. Barnawi
2010 Doug Zollo
2012 V. Subramaniam
2013 Tim Kam
2014 Charles Chandra
2015 Sherard Kinson
2016 Ross McLean
2017 Alan Lai

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