Commercial Pilot Licence

Time to practice your skills

The Melbourne winter seems like it was longer than previous years although we are well into spring. The milder air during the day is often quickly replaced with an icy chill so keeping a coat nearby is still warranted.  It is a common phenomenon that when the skies are blue people are more likely to […]

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Pilot & Flight Training

Conversion of your Australian CPL

Students from India who study their CPL overseas often ask what is the process s of conversion. Every student before they even pay a deposit for a CPL course that they will complete in Australia or another country owes to themselves and those financing their CPL to complete their research on what is needed.  The […]

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Private pilot license

The Future of Aviation

On a cold Winter’s day in Melbourne when the weather bureau forecast severe winds and lots of rain people woke to the new of Uber planning to trial it’s taxi service in Melbourne Australia. The rest of the world will be looking towards Australia and the USA to see if this vertical takeoff and landing […]

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