2015 Courses

18 Months Training + 12 Months Employment
FULL TIME COURSE MONDAY TO FRIDAY. The Tristar Aviation Pilot Cadetship offers you a unique opportunity to gain the necessary qualifications and experience for employment as a pilot. As a Tristar Aviation cadet, you will gain the Commercial Pilots Licence and a minimum of 500 hours flying time. In addition, you will have a Flight Instructor Rating (Grade 3)and Multi Engine Command Instrument rating. The cadetship is approximately 30 months (including 12 months employment) full time and the work-experience that you undertake will give you the competitive edge, making you a highly employable graduate of the program.

Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes)
The Commercial Pilot Licence is the minimum qualification for gaining employment as a pilot within the Aviation Industry. The Tristar Aviation program adds valuable command hours to your flying experience. Almost all airlines have minimum amount of command hours required to apply and gaining the first few hundred hours in the industry can take a significant amount of time. Through this cadetship, you will have an excellent advantage by obtaining around 250 extra command hours (single engine) on top of those required for your Commercial Pilots Licence.

Flight Instructor Rating Grade III.
In this module you will undertake a specialised course in Principles and Methods of Instruction covering all important aspects of learning. You will learn to communicate key aviation concepts to students, conducting at least 50 hours of aviation briefings. Learning how to conduct in-flight instruction through 50 additional flying hours. At the completion of this module, you will undertake a flight test gaining your flight instructor rating (Grade III), making you employable within the industry as flying instructor. 2015 Course Fee $115,000.00.

Employment is 12 months as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor. The position provides salary as per either the current work place agreement or award, dependant on which Tristar Aviation is utilizing at the time employment commences. Salary is as per award for Grade 3 Instructor . Be advised that this is a 7 day per week industry and the flat rate salary will require some rostering on weekends. The new employee is subject to all responsibilities of the role and termination of employment may occur without compensation for breach of employment agreements.

Currently our Grade 3 Instructors are flying approximately 750 to 800 hours per year (single engine). Which means that you may end your entire program with as much as 1000 hours total time including around 800 hours command time. The employment program is for 12 months only.

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