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The Australian Air League

Since 1995 Tristar Aviation has supported the youth of the aviation community through its association with the Australian Air League Victoria Group. The staff and company have donated professional time and services to assist young aviators actively participating in the Australian Air League Air Activities to fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot.

The Australian Air League (AAL) is a national youth organisation for boys and girls aged 8 years and older. It's aims are to promote and encourage the development of Aviation in the Youth of Australia , to promote good citizenship, teamwork and to develop the ingenuity and resourcefulness of it's members.

The Tristar Aviation team of Flight Instructors our proud of their tradition of assistance in helping the youth of Australia through the Australian Air League Victoria Group meet their goals.

Tristar Aviation's Chief Pilot Geoffrey Fleming (Right)

Chief Flight Instructor Adrianne Fleming (left)

Lorraine Wreford MLA
State Member for Mordialic District (centre left)

The Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC
Minister for the aviation industry (centre right)
Adrianne Fleming and Jonathon Nebauer
Kane Chigwidden and Ramon Raux
Current Victoria Air League - Air Activities Students at
Tristar Aviation
Hanson Wong
Current Victoria Air League - Air Activities Student at
Tristar Aviation
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