Tristar Aviation provides training for those seeking a private pilot licence or commercial pilot licence. For more than 15 years we have trained local and international students.
Flight training can be undertaken at any age, however there are age requirements for obtaining the various levels licence.

  • Stage 1 - Recreational Pilots Licence(RPL) - minimum age 16 years - this licence allows the student to carry passengers within the designated training area.
  • Stage 2 - Private Pilot Licence (PPL) - Minimum age 17 years - This licence allows the pilot to fly within Australia during daylight hours and fair weather conditions.
  • Commercial Pilot Licence - Minimum age 18 years - This licence allows the pilot to obtained paid employment as a pilot.
  • Additional qualifications can be added to to either the private or commercial licence.

  • Night VFR Rating - Allows the pilot to fly at night under visual flight rules (VFR).
  • Instrument Rating - allows the pilot to flying in poor weather on aircraft instruments.
  • Instructor Rating.
  • Multi Engine Aircraft Rating
  • Tristar Aviation CRICOS PROVIDER CODE 01933B [Sitemap]

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