Ground Theory

Unlike many flight schools who will send you to a third party theory school, Tristar Aviation teaches all its theory 'in house'.

This means that the people involved in teaching you to fly are also looking after your theoretical knowledge. So when you need some extra help our staff are there to keep you on track, and when you have paid for one of our courses we won't be putting our hand out asking for money everytime you need a little extra attention to help you through.

Theory Courses

Full time theory courses runs 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday, subject includes: BAK ($590.00), PPL ($1,300.00), IREX ($1,250.00), NVFR ($450.00) and CPL level HPL ($490.00), AGK ($490.00), AER ($490.00), LAW ($490.00), MET ($490.00), NAV ($530.00), PER ($600.00) and full CPL subject package has a total price of $3,250.00

Our Basic Aeronautical Knowledge 'BAK' and Private Pilot Licence 'PPL' courses include the cost of one exam sitting. All other exam fees are charged seperately by CASA exam centres.