Instrument Rating

Part Single / Part Multi Engine from. $19,900.00
Including IREX Theory and Flight Test.

IREX Theory Course Starting 26th February 2018,
$1350.00 including text book.

The Instrument Rating is a crucial addition to your training, particularly if you are heading towards or already have a career in aviation. A useful tool for private or commercial pilots alike, an instrument rating allows a pilot to fly in "non visual" conditions such as clouds and adverse weather. An instrument rating can be completed for single or multi engine aircraft.

When training for your instrument rating it is important to ask yourself a few questions.
"What am I doing this for?" is this for improving my career potentential or to increase my personal flying capabilities.
If the answer is for career enhancement, so you can move forward into air charter, then you need to ask yourself another question, "is there any difference in the aircraft I train in?"

Food for thought

  • How many Air Charter operators use Piper Seminoles for their operations?
  • If you train in aircraft with only glass cockpits, how many aircraft will you find currently in use around Australia for charter operations that actually have G1000 type glass cockpits?
  • Most companies seeking new pilots want candidates who have experience in aircraft types that 'they' use or aircraft with similar performance characteristics.

    Tristar Aviation has been using aircraft such as the Cessna 310 and Beechcraft Baron( aircraft types that charter operators actually use). Completing your multi engine instrument rating in an aircraft such as this gives you 'real world' experience.

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