CASA PART 61 FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR RATING with 40 hours work experience.

On completion of your Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) Rating. You may under the supervision of a Grade 1 Flight Instructor give flying training in most sequences for the issue of Recreational Pilot Licence(RPLA) and Private Pilots Licence Aeroplanes (PPLA) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPLA).

Note: Under CASR Part 61 additional training privileges will require further flight tests in addition to the flight test included in this course.

Prerequisites & Duration

Must hold an Australian Commercial Pilots Licence Aeroplanes (CPLA) have a current Australian Class 1 medical certificate. Approximately 6-8 weeks full time (Monday - Friday). Course Fee $19,500.00.

Course fee includes:
✈ Flying: 35.0 hours dual Cessna 152 and other training aircraft. 5 hours Flight Simulator
✈ Flight tests: Flight test for Flight Instructor Rating x1(includes aircraft and test officer)
✈ Theory: Principles and Methods of Instructing Course (including books & exam). Approximately 100 Hours of classroom briefing time (including books). Instructor Briefing notes Mass and preflight briefings. CASA Flight instructor exam not included
✈ All briefings by instructors
✈ Instructor Rating Issue
✈ Certificate of course completion

Contact CFI. Adrianne Fleming or Warren Sukumar 03 9580 6200.