Recognition of Current Competency

Any Overseas student wishing to enrol in a course at Tristar Aviation who has previous aeronauticalexperience must submit all relevant licence details as well as log book statements to the Chief Flying Instructor of Tristar Aviation. He/She will then assess the student according to the following guidelines.

  • Original or certified copy of Licence and Log book to be given to the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI).
  • Chief Flying Instructor to check relevant details with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) as to what part of the licence is recognised in Australia.
  • The student is issued with the relevant conversion licende as appropriate to the CASA Regulations.
  • Following the responed from CASA the CFI is to perform an assessment flight including oral theory questions to ensure that the student is at the appropriate skill and theoretical knowledge standard to commence the course form the particular licence issue point.
  • If the student meets the standard for entry into the course at the appropriate level sought, the CFI will recommend that is where he/she will commence the course.
  • If the student does not meet the required skill and theoretical knowledge standard to enter the course, the CFI will give a recommendation as to the course of remedial training required to reach the standard for entry into the course.

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