Counselling Services

The counseling service is offered to the students with problems directly related to study and with personal concern. This may be stress due to study, a grievance, acclimatising to your surroundings or financial matters. Qualified instructors and counselors provide this service.


Tristar Aviation has a qualified counsellor available to students on request; students will also be able to access counselling via their Overseas Student Health Cover provider. Tristar Aviation's preferred provider is AHM they can be contacted by phone 1800 006745 or via email at This service is provided free of charge.

Grievance Procedure

Any grievance is to first be brought to the attention of the instructor. If the issues has not been dealt with satisfactorily then the student is to advise the course coordinators of the area of concern. The school will provide you with regulatory copies of grievance resolution pathways available to you.

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