Orientation Programme

We recognise the fact that on your arrival to Australia there will be many things you wish to know. Following your pick-up from Melbourne International Airport our staff will ensure that you are settled in to your accommodation and that all initial queries are answered. You will be required to attend a three-day orientation course.

Tristar Aviation will provide the opportunity for students to access welfare-related support services to assist with issues that may arise during their study, including course progress and attendance requirements and accommodation issues. These services will be provided at no additional cost to the student. If Tristar Aviation refers the student to external support services, Tristar Aviation will not charge for the referral.

The staff of Tristar Aviation is available to advise and assist you as you orientate yourself to the City of Melbourne.

Day 1

  • -Pick up student from airport
  • -Student is taken to accommodation.
  • -Student is briefed on local emergency services and relevant telephone numbers.
  • Day 2

  • 9:30 am
  • -Student is taken to Moorabbin Airport.
  • -Tour of the premises
  • -Student is given tour of the airport and briefed on safety around aircraft.
  • -Introduced to the course of study
  • -Provided with and given a review of the student handbook
  • -Introduced to the staff and management of Tristar Aviation.
  • -student is measured for uniform
  • -Student is briefed on banking-accounts.
  • -Organise a mobile phone (if required)
  • -Familiarisation with shops and shopping procedures.
  • -Student is shown local medical facilities and health services.
  • -Student is briefed on public transport availability and costs.
  • -Legal Services Advice
  • Day 3

  • -Student arrives at Tristar Aviation by 9:30am
  • -Uniform is given to the student.
  • -Student equipment organised
  • -Any outstanding administration is completed.
  • -Student is shown places of interest and recreation
  • Day 4

  • -Student has a free day before the commencement of course.
  • -Any of the above items missed can be covered this day.
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