The Private Pilot Licence

.....Stage 1 - The Recreational Pilot's Licence (RPL)

There are two stages to gaining the freedom a Pilot Licence gives you. The Recreational Pilot's Licence (RPL) is the first stage to obtaining a private pilot licence. It is in these initial lessons where you learn all the basics of aircraft handling. This includes straight and level flight, turning, climbing and descending. After the completion of these lessons you will have an understanding of how to control an aircraft. You will then be ready to move on to the next phase of your training, learning how to take off and land the aircraft.

By now you are near the halfway point of stage one. Here you will spend some time in the circuit area at Moorabbin Airport perfecting those Take Offs and Landings until you are ready for your first solo flight. Many pilots see the first solo as a major achievement in their flight training, one of which is looked back on with fond memories. Your first solo flight is then followed by further solo flights to experience the sensation of being Pilot in Command.

The final phase of RPL training involves some advanced aircraft handling such as steep turns and slow flight as well as emergency procedures. You also have some further solo time to perfect your skills.

The Recreational Pilot's Licence Test is the final sequence of stage one. It is a flight test where you demonstrate to the Chief Flying Instructor that you can conduct a flight to the training area and return. In total this will take a minimum of 20 hours dual (with an instructor) and 5 hours solo.

After the completion of the RPL you can now fly yourself or take your friends and family on flights within the training area or within a 25 nautical mile radius (50Km) of Moorabbin Airport.

.....Stage 2 - The Private Pilot Licence(PPL)

The second stage of your training is perhaps the most enjoyable. It involves eight navigation exercises where you learn the principles of aircraft navigation, then practice them as you fly to destinations all over Victoria.

You will also get to experience the different types of airspace that a pilot can expect to fly through on a trip and land at airfields ranging from major airports to small country strips. The Private Pilot's License entitles the holder to fly anywhere in Australia and even overseas. Tristar Aviation has a number of touring aircraft available for private hire. We also arrange group fly-a-ways where you can enjoy a weekend away with many other pilots. Tristar Aviation holds a "Wings Night" at the end of every year where all your achievements are acknowledged and certificates are awarded.

As with stage one the final part of your training sequence comprises of a flight test. In this instance the test involves a flight to various destinations as chosen by the Chief Flying Instructor. Gaining a PPL will take a further 15 hours dual and 5 hours solo.

Both stages of flight training are complimented by a theory component. The theory for stage one covers basic Aerodynamics, Engines and Systems and Aircraft Performance. Stage two subjects include Navigation, Meteorology, Air Law and Human Factors. An exam is involved at the completion of each theory component. Students can choose to either attend the regular theory courses run at Tristar Aviation or self-study.

Once completed the PPL will allow you to fly to almost anywhere in Australia. You will be able to hire aircraft and take family and friends along to enjoy the experience of flight with you at the controls.

Some requirement you need to know about

You can start flying at any age (we have had students as young as 12 years of age) however there are some minimum age requirements to fly solo or hold a licence. You must be at least 15 years old before you can fly solo or 16 years to complete the RPL / stage 1. You must be 17 years of age to hold a PPL (stage 2) and 18 years of age to complet a CPL / Commercial Pilot Licence. You may complete the training for these stage prior to the age requirement but will not be able to undertake the flight test until you are the appropriate age for the licence. There is no other age limits for flying. We completed a PPL with a 72 year old man from the USA in just 3 and half months a few years back...

Before being sent solo each student is required to pass a medical examination conducted by a CASA approved medical examiner. Tristar Aviation can provide you with a list of CASA approved medical examiners. We have a Medical examiner at our school once a month, see our medical page for attendance dates Click here for medicals

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