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Want to add a GA PPL to your licence?

If you like the idea of building your own aircraft or having that plane at home that you can work on and fly yourself, then you probably have an RAA or Ultra light licence. You’ve done some work to get there and you are happy with all things aviation.

However, some folk want to add some additional experiences to their aviation dream. Perhaps to add a General Aviation Licence so they can fly larger aircraft with more passengers, or so they can fly at night or IFR. It might even be that you have decided to take that further step towards airline and charter flying and would like to hold a commercial licence.

At Tristar Aviation we recognise that aviation is not just a past time it’s also a passion. Some just want more but without a lot of hassle and for some it’s just all about the flying no matter what form it takes. So if you have decided to add some of the benefits of having a general aviation licence to add to your growing pilot resume, give us a call, because for the crew at Tristar it’s all about the aviation too.

Some of the benefits with a GA licence include:

Ø Larger Aircraft

Ø More passengers

Ø Controlled Airspace

Ø Night VFR

Ø Instrument Rating

Ø Commercial Pilot

Just to name a few.

So for a no hassle approach to adding to your RAA licence give Tristar Aviation a call on 03 9580 6200






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