Unlike many flight schools who will send you to a third party Theory School, Tristar Aviation teaches all its theory 'in house'.

This means that the people involved in teaching you to fly are also looking after your theoretical knowledge. So when you need some extra help our staff are there to keep you on track, and when you have paid for one of our courses we won't be putting our hand out asking for money everytime you need a little extra attention to help you through.

If you need to get your aviation theory done give us a call and find out how we can help.

Our Basic Aeronautical Knowledge 'BAK' and Private Pilot Licence 'PPL' courses include the cost of one exam sitting. All other exam fees are charged seperately by CASA exam centres.

All information on this page is subjet to change without notice, please confirm pricing by contacting Tristar Aviation on 03 95806200. All Theory Course without exception must be paid for in full in advance of the course commencement. Full time courses operate 9:00 am to 4:30pm Monday to Thursdays. It is the students responsibility to be in attendance within the course hours. It is the students responsibility to arrange examinations outside of any pre booked course times. Part time courses are arranged over extended time intervals for example in 2 hour sessions twice a week. Students wishing to complete theory outside course times and or on an individual schedule will be required to pay at the hourly rate. There are no refunds for unattended courses, however students may attend a future course when scheduled without additional payment. This course table was last updated --August 2016.

Theory Courses

Including GST


Basic Aeronautical Knowledge



Private Pilot Licence



Instrument Flight Rules



Night Visual Flight Rules


Commercial Pilot Theory


Human Performance and Limitations



Aviation General Knowledge






Air Law









Performance and Planning



All 7 Commercial Pilot Subjects



Private Tuition all Subjects (per hour)


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