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Tristar Aviation has been operating since 1993 at Moorabbin Airport. We provide flight training for private and commercial airline pilot students, both locally and internationally.
Flight training can be undertaken at any age, however there are age and medical requirements for obtaining the various levels licence.

Courses Available

  • Recreational Pilots Licence - RPL
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge -Theory
  • Private Pilot LIcence - PPL
  • Private Pilot Licence - Theory
  • Night Visual Flight Rules - NVFR
  • Constant Speed Unit _ CSU
  • Command Instrument Rating
  • Multi Engine Endorsement
  • Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL
  • Commercial Pilot Licence - Theory
  • Airline Transport Pilot LIcence - Theory
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Vocational Education and Training in Schools VETiS
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    THESE DOCUMENTS REQUIRE ADOBE PDF READER This program can be downloaded at If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us on 9580 6200.

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