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A Recreational Pilot Licence Cost Summary (based on minimum hours)

✈ 20 hours dual in Cessna 152 $6500
✈ 5 hours solo in Cessna 152 $1100
✈ RPL Theory Course and exam $860
✈ RPL flight test (approx. 1.5hrs) $330
✈ Examiner Fee $550
✈ Aviation Security ID check $260
✈ Aviation English level 6 test $120
TOTAL Inc GST for RPL $9740*

Please note: the above cost is based on the CASA minimum hour requirement; however the amount of training time varies on the individual. You will require a minimum of a class 2 aviation medical for the Recreational Pilot Licence. The cost of the medical can vary depending on the medical examiner.

For your convenience, Tristar Aviation has a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) who conducts aviation medicals regularly on site at Tristar Aviation.

How do I pay? There are several methods of payment however the most common is pay as you go. So for each flying lesson you undertake you pay the cost of that lesson on the day you complete that lesson. Theory courses are paid in installments over the duration of the theory course.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. This summary is based on prices commencing June 2018 and does not constitute a quote