Aerobatic Flight Rating Training Course in Melbourne

Want to be a safer, more confident pilot? Try our confidence building unusual attitude course! Get exposed to, and recover from different stalling attitudes, spins, and extreme unusual attitudes. By the end of this course you will be far more comfortable with your aircrafts capabilities. This course can lead into a spinning endorsement or can be used to start an aerobatics rating. Usual course times are 3hrs dual and 2hrs Briefing. This course can also be customised to meet the requirements for a Single engine Flight Review.

Do you like rollercoasters? Why not get an aerobatics rating. Our basic aerobatics rating covers more manoeuvres than the casa requirement of Loop, roll, hammerhead and Spin. Nathan will teach you to perform safe and fun recreational aerobatics above 3000ft AGL in the Cessna 152 aerobat. Usual course times are 8hrs dual and 3 hours Briefing. Basic aerobatics is a great addition to any licence and WILL make you a better pilot!