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Airlines change livery but Commercial Pilots are always needed

November 14, 2019

Has the closing of Jet Airways dampened the dampened the enthusiasm of commercial pilot licence aspirants? Airlines have been opening and closing since their beginnings and still people wish to explore the wonders of flight and become commercial pilots. It is always sad to see an airline close particularly for the staff involved however it usually doesn’t take long for another to fill its place. The Commercial Pilot Licence holders who lost their jobs are likely to be employed by other airlines who are taking up the slack and expanding at great rate.

Another national icon is on the endangered list being Air India. It was JRD Tata founded Air India (or Tata Airlines as it was known) 87 years ago. What would he be thinking now when rumours of the Tata Group possibly taking it back over has arisen?  The Tata group already have stakes in Vistara and AirAsia so the companies connection to regular public transport is still alive.  There would likely be a touch of sentimentality to the former airline I am sure but as a business man and entrepreneur the business case would have to stack up.  Which begs the questions are businesses better off in government or private hands?  Government coffers are often larger but with government control comes government bureaucracies which can be less efficient than private businesses.

The Argument with Air India is likely to be debated for a long time what went wrong, how could it have been improved. Whoever takes it over will be looking to see how they can make it profitable.  In Australia there have been airlines come and go. With deregulation it was expected there would be more airlines so and increase in commercial pilots needed. What occurred were airline mergers less airlines but still the same amount of aeroplanes with different livery. Remember Sahara Airlines, Air Deccan and Kingfisher all innovative in their day but no longer in business.  Changes occur but the demand for pilots still remains.  If you are considering gaining your commercial pilot licence this is still the best time to look at your options.  Commercial Pilot Licence training in Australia will give you a good foundation to the career you seek in an airline.

Tristar Aviation has trained pilots who are flying in airlines in India and around the world. We want pilot applicants who are dedicated, passionate and adaptable to their environment and want to learn the right way of doing things from the start. If this sounds like you then contact the crew at and  start the process of getting your Commercial Pilot Licence in Australia now.

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