Commercial Pilot training.

Commercial Pilot Training in Australia Before & After Transition

August 24, 2019

On the 1st of September 2018, all flight schools that conducted commercial pilot training in Australia had to transition to the new Part 141 or Part 142 rules or both. What changes did this transition make to pilot training and in particular Commercial Pilot Licence training in Australia? The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) sets out global requirements for pilot training and the new Part 141 and Part 142 regulations were touted to align Australia with the International requirements.

The standard Commercial Pilot Licence hours requirement is 200 hours including 100 hours Pilot in Command. This training can be conducted at a Part 141 flight training school. The reduced course of 150 hours (including 70 hours pilot in command) for a Commercial Pilot Licence is called the integrated syllabus. The 150 hours integrated Commercial Pilot training syllabus must be conducted at a Part 142 flight training school in Australia.

Whether it be a part 141 or Part 142 flight school the actual flight training schools have all undergone complete manual updates over the past few years to bring them in line with the latest regulatory requirements. The requirements for a Part 142 flight training school are higher with increased oversight of the flying training syllabus with the reduced hours 150 integrated CPL.

A Part 142 flight school is also required to have a safety management system and safety manager to look at all aspects of the organisation. This role also includes working with the Head of Operations (formerly called the Chief Flying Instructor) to continually improve the training outcomes of the flight training school. Airline type rating training also falls under the Part 142 rules and regulations.

The Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence the 200hour CPL, the instrument and flight instructor rating, and several others all come under Part 141 training. Part 142 flight schools usually have a Part 141 certificate as well so they can conduct all the other elements of the pilot training syllabus.

If you want to confirm whether a flight training school is able to conduct the Integrated 150 hour CPL course you can visit the website and type the name of the flight training school into the search.

Tristar Aviation is one of the many Part 141 and fewer Part 142 flight training schools in Australia. Tristar conducts both the integrated and non- integrated Commercial Pilot Licence courses. If you are looking for a Commercial Pilot Licence course Tristar is able to assist you to create a course that suits what you are looking for. As Tristar has both types of Commercial training there is the ability to be flexible in your approach.

The integrated 150 hour CPL course requires you to attend classes of study however the non integrate has greater flexibility for self-study if you choose. Tristar Aviation runs full time and part-time theory courses for each of the phases of training. Tristar recognises that not everyone is great at self-studying so for their non integrated courses they offer a range of day and evening classes so you can get through the CASA exams without all the stress of self studying.

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