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Conversion of your Australian CPL

November 14, 2019

Students from India who study their CPL overseas often ask what is the process s of conversion. Every student before they even pay a deposit for a CPL course that they will complete in Australia or another country owes to themselves and those financing their CPL to complete their research on what is needed.  The first place they should look is on the www.dgca.nic.in website. The DGCA India have produced a flow chart that outlines what is required if a student has a CPL from Australia or any other contracting state and wants to convert it to an Indian CPL.  A contracting state is a foreign country that is a signatory to ICAO Annex 1.

This then means that the flying hours that are completed to obtain the CPL in Australia or elsewhere are recognised in India.  If a pilot has an Indian CPL or CPL not from Australia they too would have to undertake a conversion process which is outlined on the www.casa.gov.au website under foreign licence conversion.  Each contracting state will have it’s own processes for dealing with the conversion of a CPL.  For an CPL Australia to a CPL India there are a number of steps in the process.  An advantage of a CPL converting from Australia is that the Radio Telephony (RT for short) is only a paperwork conversion for the initial issue. If you had an FAA licence from the USA this would require an additional examination.  The Indian with the Australia CPL will also need to have passed the DGCA theory papers either before they start flying in Australia for their CPL or upon return they will complete the air law and composite paper.

The flying checks upon return must be completed at and Indian flight training school. There is a day check and a night check and if the candidate holds and instrument rating there is an IR check as well.  Given the candidate has only flown in Australia even though their flying skills are likely to be proficient the environment they are flying is will be foreign. It is l likely the flying school will require the candidate to undertake some flying prior to them completing the check to check they are competent to complete the check in a different country.

The conversion of a CPL is a process and to ensure that this process is completed as smoothly as possible it is important that you are aware of what is required. Tristar Aviation has been assisting Indian students complete their conversions from Australia CPL to India CPL for many years and regularly travel to India to ensure they can assist students in their quest to become commercial pilots.

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