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Getting your Private Pilot Licence in Australia with Tristar Aviation Company Pty Ltd

November 15, 2019

Getting your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) in Australia has never been easier. Whether you are interested in becoming an airline pilot, or you are just interested in flying for fun, Tristar Aviation is happy to help you achieve your goals.

The Australian Private Pilot Licence is recognised worldwide. You are able to fly an Australian-registered aeroplane anywhere in the world with a PPL. You can even fly in Iceland! (Although, maybe not to Iceland)

The steps in getting an Australian Private Pilot Licence are as follows:

  1. Fly! The first thing you do is jump in an aeroplane and get stuck in. You will learn the basics – climbing, descending, turning, taking off and landing.
  2. Once you have learned the basics, you will go solo – taking off and landing all by yourself.
  3. Next, you need to know the “advanced” stuff – what to do in case the weather turns bad, advanced turns and such.
  4. Next, you take your first flight test – the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) test. Once you have passed, you may fly, but not navigate. You may take passengers in the local area.
  5. Following the RPL, you will learn how to navigate.
  6. Once you have mastered navigation, you will undertake the Private Pilot Licence flight test.
  7. You may now enjoy your Private Pilot Licence in Australia – it’s that easy!

Once you hold your Australian Private Pilot Licence, you may visit such amazing destinations as White Cliffs, Lightning Ridge, Kangaroo Island, Lake Mungo and Merimbula. You are free to find those out-of-the-way destinations and start your adventure.

I believe that training for a Private Pilot Licence in Australia with Tristar Aviation improves your learning processes, even outside of flying. A private pilot applies the learned decision-making skills in other aspects of their life. Aviation gives people transferrable skills in communications, maths, physics and command decisions which can help in your work life outside of flying.

Tristar Aviation has been training people for the Private Pilot Licence at Moorabbin Airport, Australia for over 20 years and has experience in all aspects of flying aircraft. Our graduates can be found in all areas of aviation over the world – government agencies, flying schools, airlines and of course, ordinary people in their non-flying careers.

Contact Tristar Aviation today and ask us about becoming a pilot.

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