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Seamless Flying in any Weather with Melbourne Flight Training

August 24, 2019

Is Melbourne flight training any different from Brisbane flight training, Perth flight training or Sydney flight training? First of all, to clarify the discussion it is Melbourne Australia we are talking about. Several enquiries are often mistakenly sent to Tristar with the potential pilot looking for Melbourne flight training in the city of Melbourne Florida USA.

The city of Melbourne in Florida is not a big as Melbourne in Australia; its population is only 82,000. It was originally called Crane creek but in 1888 the US postal service wanted to establish a post office to serve the area. The first postmaster was an Englishman who has spent a lot of time in Melbourne Australia hence the new name of Melbourne. Melbourne in Australia was named by Queen Victoria after the Second Viceroy, Viscount Melbourne a former British Prime Minister.

Let’s talk about the benefits of flight in Melbourne. Melbourne is often quoted as the city that has four seasons in a day. That will mean hot weather, cold weather, windy weather, dry weather potentially all in the one day. The beauty of flying is the distances you can travel in a short period of time are significantly larger than when travelling by car. A pilot can take off from one destination with clear skies and reach the next where the weather may be overcast and showers. That is one of the reasons why it is important when flight training to have experienced much-varied weather phenomenon before obtaining your pilot licence.

Melbourne flight training is a location that can provide you with these varied experiences. To the warmer states where weather conditions are “beautiful one day and perfect the next” this may be great for flying however it does limit your exposure and hence your experience levels. A pilot needs to know they are capable of flying in all types of challenging conditions even it is not what they would consider ideal. Melbourne as a flight training city is perfect to provide that level of challenge and experience without some of the extremes of other locations around the world. The northern hemisphere has flight training schools that are at airfields covered in snow for almost 6 months of the year. There may have been some recent snow in the outskirts of Melbourne this winter but within 48 hours it was all melted.

A person in Melbourne usually carries a jacket somewhere nearby as they are never sure what the weather may bring. Melbourne flight training pilots adopt that just in case attitude as they learn how to read a weather forecast well. Just because it is blue sky and a 35-degree day does not mean it will stay like that for the next week. It could be like that for the week or conversely, the temperature could drop to a cool 20 degrees in the afternoon with squally winds low cloud and rain. These changes in conditions, the four seasons in a day are unlike the other cities around Australia. The advantage of Melbourne flight training is it prepares the future pilot to be ready for anything.

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