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Time to practice your skills

November 15, 2019

The Melbourne winter seems like it was longer than previous years although we are well into spring. The milder air during the day is often quickly replaced with an icy chill so keeping a coat nearby is still warranted.  It is a common phenomenon that when the skies are blue people are more likely to think about their flying training more positively. There is nothing more disheartening than preparing for your lesson and having to cancel because of the weather. Melbourne is now in Daylight saving time although the hours of daylight don’t change with the clock the typical Melbourne resident will start to think of doing things outdoors in the evening.

This can include flight training. Now we are moving into the milder and soon to be warmer months it is a great time  to gather your flight bag, book an aeroplane and make sure you have the three take-off and landing in 90 days minimums completed. Whether you have Private Pilot licence or Commercial Pilot Licence currency is important.  In the process of getting current you may also like to go over your forced landing checklist and head to the training area and practice one of those as well. This is all part of keeping your skills sharp.  If you have a Private Pilot Licence there are no flight training requirements after you have obtained your licence however you still have to pass your flight review every 24 months.  It is important to keep that review in mind when you are out flying so that you give yourself small tasks to complete each time. It could be a practice glide approach, maybe a short field landing, flapless landing or some steep turns.

Each of these will help you maintain you proficiency.  Skills deteriorate and you owe it to yourself and your passengers to stay proficient.  You don’t have to have to have long flights planned a simple city orbit around Melbourne is always a favourite with passengers, you get to practice a little bit of controlled airspace radio and follow it up with a few circuits on arrival back to Moorabbin.  This short flight can all be completed in an hour and if you equal share the expense of this flight with your passengers it makes for an inexpensive way to keep your skills current  With longer days the Melbourne Spring Racing carnival drawing to a close it will soon be Christmas and the time where private pilots head off on holidays.

There are still a few weeks to go so book that flight training refresher with and instructor or hire an aircraft to practice your skills. Remember the reasons you wanted to learn to fly and get a pilot licence and go and Enjoy!!

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