Why Should I Become A Flight Instructor?

If there is a teacher inside you and the earnest passion for flying, you are the perfect candidate to be a flight instructor. Teaching is more than a skill. The best teachers are those who value and cherish the subject they are teaching and who love seeing a student have those eureka moments. When it comes to flying—what’s not to love? Knowing that you are sharing the gift of flight, is in and of itself already the best reward you can get as a flight instructor.

CASA PART 61 FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR RATING with 50 hours work experience.

On completion of your Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) Rating. You may under the supervision of a Grade 1 Flight Instructor give flying training in most sequences for the issue of Recreational Pilot Licence(RPLA) and Private Pilots Licence Aeroplanes (PPLA) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPLA) Including Basic Instrument Flight.

Note: Under CASR Part 61 additional training privileges will require further flight tests in addition to the flight test included in this course.

Next Start Date: 15th November, 2023

Prerequisites & Duration

Must hold an Australian Commercial Pilots Licence Aeroplanes (CPLA) have a current Australian Class 1 medical certificate. Approximately 6 weeks full time (Monday - Friday). Course Fee $23,500

Course fee includes:

✈ Flying: 35.0 hours dual Cessna 152 and other training aircraft. 2 hours Flight Simulator (FTD)
✈ Flight tests: Flight test for Flight Instructor Rating x1 (includes aircraft and test officer)
✈ Theory: Principles and Methods of Instructing Course (including books & exam). Approximately 100 Hours of classroom briefing time (including books). Instructor Briefing notes Mass and preflight briefings.

Note: CASA Flight instructor exam not included
✈ All briefings by instructors
✈ Instructor Rating Issue
✈ Certificate of course completion

Contact CFI/HOO. Adrianne Fleming 03 9580 6200.