Tristar Aviation is proud to offer flight training and charter services in Tasmania. Tristar Aviation, founded by Adrianne and Geoff Fleming in 1993 in Victoria, conducts flight training at all levels from basic training for recreation to airline preparation.

Tristar Aviation is now offering our services to Tasmania, at our base at Launceston Airport. Tristar is offering flight training, both for private and commercial pilots alike, joyflights and charter flights. Tristar Aviation is also expanding our VET in Schools programme to Year 11 and 12 Tasmanian students.

VET in Schools

Tristar Aviation offers VET in Schools to Tasmanian students towards the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). Our Year 11 & 12 programs count 390 hours toward the Participant and Achievement Standard component of the TCE.

For more details, please see our VETiS (TCE) brochure and VET in School page.

Basic Prices

Trial Introductory Flight

Take control during this training flight and experience flying from the pilot's seat! This Tristar Aviation aircraft trial flight is your opportunity to live the dream.

$195.00/30 min

Recreational Pilot Licence

With the RPL you can fly yourself and take your friends and family on flights within the training area or within a 25 nautical mile radius (50Km) of Launceston Airport.

Starting from $9,100.00

Private Pilot Licence

A PPL will allow you to fly to almost anywhere in Australia. You will be able to hire aircraft and take family and friends along to enjoy the experience of flight with you at the controls.

Starting from $17,600.00

More Information

Address: Launceston Airport, Building 73, Evandale Rd, Western Junction TAS 7212

For more information about any of the above services, please contact Tristar Aviation (Tasmania) on (03) 6724 3646, or contact us via email.

Launceston Airport

Launceston Airport was built in Western Junction, Tasmania in 1927. It is a regional hub for air transport (both passengers and freight) and flight training. It boasts a nearly 2km long North-South runway and has been used for military and civil flight training for over 90 years.