Part 142 Pilot Flight Training in Melbourne


Tristar Aviation has been training pilots from Melbourne’s premier flight training airport since 1993. We provide flight training for private and commercial airline pilot students, both locally and internationally. Flight training can be undertaken at any age, however there are age and medical requirements for obtaining the various levels licence. There is a wide range of course to suit your individual requirements.

If you learn to fly in Melbourne you will have the opportunity to fly in the full season of weather conditions this will add to your level of experience as a pilot.

courses we offer

The Recreational Pilot Licence where on completion you can take passengers but are limited to the area in which you can fly. Training from Moorabbin this area is to the south east of Melbourne.

The Private Pilot Licence if you have completed the Recreational Pilot Licence this is the navigational component.  After completing your flight training will be able to take passengers and fly further than the local Melbourne area to places anywhere in Australia.

The Commercial Pilot Licence – This course is for those who wish to fly for a career. There are three type of Commercial Pilot Licence courses on offer at Tristar Aviation

Commercial Pilot Licence Course -150 hour integrated course

This is a full-time course

Commercial Pilot Licence Course – 200 hour non integrated

This is a part time course (tailored to individual student)

Diploma of Aviation Commercial Pilot Licence - Once completed this course the student will have meet the academic requirements for the issue of a Diploma and completed the flight training for the Commercial Pilot Licence

Instrument Rating-  The instrument rating is course is for those who wish increase their skill set to be able to fly into and out of cloud safely.

Night VFR Rating- The Night VFR Rating course is the course where pilots learn to fly at night under the visual meteorological conditions

Instructor Rating Grade 3 - The instructor rating course is for the commercial pilot licence holder who wishes to undertake flight instructing for a profession

Multi-Engine Class Rating- This course is designed to enhance the skill level of Private Pilots and above in learning to fly a multi -engine aircraft

Aerobatics Rating- This course is for pilots who with an RPL or higher wishing to extend their skill set to some advanced manoeuvres.

Flight Instructor Training Endorsement Upgrades-  Grade 2 training endorsement, Grade 1 training endorsement, Basic Instrument Flight, NVFR training endorsement, Design Feature training Endorsement, Flight Instructor Training Endorsement, Instrument Rating Training Endorsement and Multi-Engine Training Endorsement

Theory Courses

Tristar Aviation offer onsite theory courses. If you want to be a good pilot theory is an important part of your flight training and forms the underpinning knowledge to flying and operating an aircraft safely. Tristar offer the full complement of theory courses to work in harmony with your flying training. Courses are run regularly both full time and part time. Small class sizes maximise effective learning and minimise time.

Recreational Pilot Licence Theory (formerly known as Basic Aeronautical Knowledge)

Private Pilot Licence Theory

Commercial Pilot Licence Theory-             Aerodynamics



Human Factors

Flight Rules and Air Law

Aircraft General Knowledge

Operations Performance and Flight Planning

Instrument Rating theory (IREX)