First Lesson

You Have Control

Always wanted to learn to fly? Or just wanted to give it a go? Take control during this introductory training flight and experience flying from the pilot's seat!
This Tristar Aviation aircraft trial flight is your opportunity to live the dream. Take to the skies with an expert instructor, who'll assist in making your very first flying lesson and event to remember!

The Beginning

Your light aircraft introductory flight commences with a classroom briefing on the functions of the aircrafts controls plus all you need to know to enable you to control the aircraft on your first lesson. After briefing, the instructor will take you through the pre-flight inspection on your training aircraft before you take your place in the pilot's seat. Your instructor will talk you through the start up, taxiing and take-off, then you take to the sky for your first real flying experience!

Price staring from $195.00.

Soaring Above

The flight is to the south of Moorabbin airport and lasts approximately 30 minutes. During this time you will have hands-on experience in flying the aeroplane. You will fly up to an exhilarating 2000ft on your trial instructional flight! Following the flight there will be an opportunity for you to discuss any questions you have on flight training with your instructor.

Call 03 9580 6200 to make your booking!

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